Guides for guides


When you’re guiding and minding the participants, you might find your own ideas and ways of enhancing the experience. My main aim is that the walkers feel relaxed about taking their time and finding their way along.

The structure of the walk is that you’ll walk once around the route, exposing people to the idea and pointing out a few things to be careful around and some techniques they might use. This is your chance to set them up for their experience.

After the walk through, they’ll walk with their eyes closed. Your job is to keep them safe from cars, falling down the stairway and any serious injury. Most of the time though, you’ll be keeping as quiet as possible and perhaps smiling at bystanders, who tend to be unsure of what is happening.

The information I try to give to walkers is to use your ears and feet as well as your hands, and that it can be disconcerting at first and its best if you take your time and try to relax.

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